I have a program that runs on DOS.
The language of the program is Arabic.
When I run the program from command prompt on WinXP,
the program runs well, but there is a problem:
the problem is that the Arabic characters are displayed as
a strange characters.
Is there any way to make DOS display Arabic well?

Thanks in advance.

not sure about arabic, but I have had russian and hebrew programs run under dos, using a TSR driver. it's a small piece of software that loads into memory and changes the display of the language specific ascii chars to the language you need

look for something like that in google, there has to be a file available

I tried to get this driver (TSR driver) but I couldn't get it.
Sorry, Can you give me a link that I can follow to download this driver.

Thanks in advance.

either look for a way to translate the cmd windows to codepage 864, or look for the following keywords:
arabic dos characters ascii

this is all pretty old stuff, you might want to try some arabic systemadmin forums, people there might know more, or might even have a ready solution. I could help you out with hebrew or russian, but I haven't tried to use arabic in the dos days

ok, just give me TSR driver to try it.

Thanks In Advance

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