Hello Everybody,

First to introduce myself, I am a total beginner to the computer scene. I'm am getting much better, but it can get frustrating.

Anyway... my first problem.

I like to watch movies on <snip>, but lately the veoh ones quit working. Can anybody help? Could this be a virus? These are the best quality ones and I hate having to settle for second best when I want to kick back and enjoy a movie....


Erica :)

Please explain what you mean "quit working" I tried to access them and I get "We were unable to load your video at this time, please try again later"

Well, considering the site was freely distributing movies to watch online, I'd say that puts itself squarely in the 'online piracy' category of websites.

I'd advise staying away from these types of sites, and you should probably run a virus scan on your computer just to ensure you didn't get infected. If you didn't download or install anything from the site, chances are pretty low that you got some malware on your system, but you should check just to make sure.

Why the videos didn't play? Chances are, something's broken on their end (unless you can point us to specific instance of video problems on a legit site).