hello everyone i just configured my first server. I made a domain named "test.local" and added a xp computer to the domain. I can see the computer in the active directory and can log into the domain with the correct username/password.

My problems are:

1) When i change the Group User Policy on the server, it does the changes to the Adminstrator account on the server. I need to know how to remove the server from having these changes. Plus the user account( computer running xp) on my network doesn't seem to get affected by any of these changes that im doing.

The xp computer is on the "Domain Users" group. I don't know what to do since this is my first time using server 2003.

2) I am trying to share a hdd on my network it is sharing because i see the little hand underneath the hdd, but on the xp machine on the domain. I can't see it unless i go to My Computer > Entire Network... I want the hdd to show under My computers on the computers of the network. Is there any way to do this, so the users don't have to be going through the "Entire Network" process?

3) The domain i made test.local was only a test domain. Is there any way i can delete that and make a real one after i finished learning? Thanks guys!!

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I'm a danger when it comes to group policies...

However to make a network share appear in the drive list under my computer...select map network drive from the file explorer window, pick a dirve letter for the network drive and then browser to the file share. You can tick the reconnect box to make this sticky between reboots.

thanks mmcmullin :D finally someone responds lol i thought i posted in the wrong section or something. I am still fighting the battle with the gpo though :(

i noticed that when my server was turned off i can still log in with my xp account. Does this mean i am not connected properly?

You are logging in with cached credentials on the PC. The XP machine keeps a copy of the username/password localy so that you can still login even though the domain controller is down.


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