Heres something under the task manager and the performance tab. I look at my physical memory and my total is 2037 cached is 1172 and it says i have only 0 free i dont think that is true. But in the memory block it says im using 1.07gb. Doe anyone know why there is such a bug difference. It has me stumped?????

I've explained this in a couple of other threads but it's worth repeating here.

First, your numbers pretty well account for the total available RAM.

Vista treats free RAM as cache for its DLLs and other frequently used code. So it will always report 0 free or maybe up to c. 32MB free depending on what it's doing.

When you lad another application, the cache shrinks and the most unused stuff is wiped out and can be loaded from disk whenever needed. And so on.

All this is good and stuff should run faster than it would with XP.


if it says the total is 2037 and the cached amount is 1172 it really means you are using 865mb.

Oh thanks for this info,I am also confused by it.

caching is good it makes loading common applications and working with data faster