Hello, I am having trouble trying to connect to my livebox-d0b1 wireless box. each time I go to connect to the internet. select this network to connect to, I can see that the strenght coming from the livebox is at its maximum although each time I highlight the network, then I click on the connect box. I always get a box with the following,(windows cannot connect to livebow-d0b1) then it gives me 2 options. Diagnose the problem and Connect to a different network. I select the Daignose the problem as I dont have another wireless box in the house. then it comes up with re-set your wireless router or access point and try again.

But if I was to use the wireless in lets say an airport the laptop will log in straight away.
I have a TOSHIBA SATELLITE A135-S4467.
Any suggestions

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Can you ping the router? Find the IP of the router (usually something like, open cmd (Windows key + R type in "cmd") then type "ping (or whatever the router's IP is) and see what result you get. Also, can you access the Internet and such just fine from the desktop, which I assume is connected to the router?


ok, type cmd into run... then type ipconfig and hit enter....... and then find out the default gateway... and then try and ping that.

It might be even


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