Does anyone have a reccomendation for a GOOD, VIRUS FREE, LOW COST video converting program. That would really be of help. Thanks.

Converting from what to what? It matters.

Also what do you call low cost?

Converting from .MPG to .WMV and Low cost as in mainly free to

Try tunebite,might do the trick for for both audio and video.

Second Tunebite, it's a good converter, with good quality and high speed. I find it useful as it has some many important features. I use it for a while and works well

I use Handbreak to convert stuff to PSP format, it also has presets for loads of device types / media, ie. YouTube, iPod etc...

I would link it but don't want to visit the webby on the work machine.

I recommend Total Video Converter.. Support .flv and mobile phones too

Try Total Video Convector. It converts most video and audio as well...

Try VSO Convertor.. U can convert any type of video file(*.mpg,*.wmv,*.mp4,*.avi,etc) into DVD format(*.vob) with menus, special effects like intro music,etc.... It provides u the quality indicator.. that indicates if more more no of files are added, it indicates that the quality may be low so that u may remove some files at the initial stage itself.. This will be useful if u want ur DVD to be played in DVD players.. All the best

Try web There is alot of freeware and shareware there the administrators check for virus and bug free apps. You should find something there.