hello all this is my very first post!

ok so my problem is is that i restarted my computer bcoz itgo so laggy so slow. after restarting it,the screen goes blue for a split second (i think it was that intel inside thing) then the screen goes blank nothing happens. it has been lke that for almost 2 weeks now. any1 know how to solve this?

Are you able to boot up in safe mode?

try using the last know good configuration see if it works..

as for the safe mode, nope. its like the option is not even there

What OS are you using? We might be able to gather more information if you disable the motherboard splash screen. Can you disable the splash screen in the bios? This is usually listed as Logo splash screen or full screen if you have problems finding it let me know the make and model of your motherboard.

Once you have disabled the splash screen let me know how far through the boot up process you are able to get.


ok wel im using a windows xp home edition. and when i try to start it up, the intel inside pops up but the windows logo doesnt appear. and how do i disable the splash screen? thanx

ok well i found howtodisable the splash screen. now it shows lots of written stuff like.. ok heres some. im very sorry if its too much trouble

fixed disk 0: PM-WDC WD800JB-00JC0
(Ultra DMA Mode ATA/100)
Fixed disk 1: PS-WDC WD800BB-0JKC0
(Ultra DMA Mode ATA/100) network

thats usually the things that i see in the bios settings and some other stuff

Does the system freeze after ATAPI CD-ROM? Is that the last thing you see on the screen? If it is moving to fast to see hide the Pause/Break key to pause the boot process.

wel after that the screen goes blank and then thats it.

If it freezes that early in the boot up it might be a hardware problem not an OS issue. One way to determine for sure is download knoppix this is a bootable linux OS. I would recommend downloading knoppix from http://www.knoppix.net/ . If your system is able to boot into the knoppix OS then the problem is with your XP installation if you are unable to pass ATAPI CD-ROM then you are looking at a hardware problem.

p.s. make sure your cd rom is before your hard drive in the bios boot order

p.s.s. If you are able to boot into knoppix you can access your hard drive and copy off your data to a jump drive if needed.