Hello all,

I have a driver problem, i reinstalled XP on my laptop.

It's a Dell Latitude D505.

Now, i need the LAN and WLAN drivers.

I have downloaded the files off the dell site, but no luck.

Can you guys help me??? I have no internet access on the laptop.


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I have updated my bios, downloaded all 15 choices for the network drivers, and still no luck.

I have a yellow question mark, next to the following in Device Manager.

  • Ethernet Controller
  • Network Controller
  • PCI Modem

If that helps.

Also, here is the link for the drivers - Dell Drivers Download Page



Hi Cohen

You said you downloaded the two drivers, but with "no luck". Can you elaborate a bit more? Could you not install or did it not work after installation?

Also, for some drivers to work, it is required that your fresh install of XP must be updated from the windows update site. I must presume you could not do this because the laptop cannot connect.

What version of XP? SP 1, 2, 3?

Alright, i did some searching.

Now i have tried all network drivers that are "downloadable" some of them won't download.

But i found out i need the R65600.exe file, which is this. There is also another one there, that is the same, but was released in 2006, and i just hit download, and it is working.

I can install them, and i run it, but nothing happens.

I can not update, because the laptop is not connected to the net, obviously.

I have windows XP Pro SP3, i download a fresh copy of SP3, last week when i did a fresh install on a desktop.

I'll see what this other one, wants to do, and get back to you.




I'm in, done, not sure about wireless, but i have LAN connection.

Now i need help with the wireless.... i'm not sure what wireless card it though.....

ok, did not see your updated post when I replied. Looking at your yellow question mark list, it seems that you need:

From the Communication section at Dell:

1. Broadcom Driver for your LAN
2. The modum driver/s listed below the above for the pci modum.

Try that first and after installing, reboot again, and see in device manager what else, if any is yellow question marked, and post back here.

wow, you are updating very fast, he he.... good stuff!! I am trying to look what will help for your wlan

Under the "Network" section, are all the WLAN drivers, you should find one there applicable to your PCI.

Alright, i had to reboot after installing the LAN driver, and now looking, the only ones that have a question mark are the Network Controller and the PCI Modem.

Now, i download a wireless driver from here. I do some more googling :P. I installed it, had to reboot, and then it says i have no adaptors installed......

What one do i need to download????

I'll still do more research.


Edit - Yeah, i'm using my fast desktop :P. I'll have a look at the WLAN drivers, download them, and get back to you.

Thanks for your help.


OK, for those network controller and pci modum, try my suggestion in post no 5.

ps, remember to reboot after installing.

OK, for those network controller and pci modum, try my suggestion in post no 5.

ps, remember to reboot after installing.

I did, and still having problems


I'm always glad if I can be of some help. I get a lot of help in this community myself. Please keep us updated.

alright, well driver detective found problems, but it won't fix them because i have to register... so i might see if i can find them and download them.


AHRGGG Damm, I thought that much!! (the register and pay-up part)

At least you know now what to look/search for???

Edit: Is dell not giving a driver cd/dvd out with installation? Why I ask, is because on my laptop (not a dell) it came out with a driver dvd that scan and find all needed drivers on my laptop manufacturers page easily.

I got the laptop off and friend and the disc is long gone.

And the WLAN was not part of the driver scan, i downloaded a few things, and i'll see if they work.


Edit - No luck. Still having problems. Anyone got any suggestions?

Alright, i got one last problem, it's the network controller, that is the last one with a yellow question mark next to it....


OK, I think those are your WLAN? Are you getting no joy on the "Network" section at the dell drivers page?

OK, I think those are your WLAN? Are you getting no joy on the "Network" section at the dell drivers page?

I'll try again tommorow, after checking here to see if there are any updates.

But i'll go through every single one and try it....

So yeah.....

Unless anyone else had ideas or a different drive page....


Problem solved!

I downloaded everything under the network, and got to one of them, and it was the one, so, if you ever have any problems, download EVERY network driver and install every single one!

So, i now have wireless!

Thanks for your help kraai, great help.


Good stuff, glad you are now fixed up.

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