I need a program to run in the background that will log when a specific program is started and stopped...

Basically, we have a user that is abusing working hours playing a game and we need to log when she is playing that game...

I would rather not run a key logger as alot of private information is enter daily...

Thanks for ideas...

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just look over her shoulder and say gottcha!,or hook up a display projector and point it to the celing abover her workstation.LOL

I haven't see anything around to do that .


I have not seen one either...

Plenty of Key loggers but not one where you could check the start and stop of a specific program...

I did find one for NT networks but this is for a stand alone system...

I guess I will add it to my list of progs I need to write...

It is one of those that seems simple but may turn around and bite me...



I would trigger something that could write to the event log. That way, you could examine it and see remotely what is going on.

You could also comeup with a crontab that checks every minute for the exe running. Have that code write a log entry when that program is running.

Be aware, however, that you will not be able to tell if it is minimized or not based on the pure process examination. Not trying to stand up for her, but there is a chance she can run the game, and then have a call comein, and minimize it to do the work, and then return to it later.



I agree that it will not tell me when she is actually playing or just has it minimized in the background.

Although I would rather not run a keylogger it would tell me what I need to know...

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