hi evry1

i hav been lately having a big problem, bcox of this i cam to knw this website also

my problem started last month..
i purchased crysis warhead from steam which includes crysis wars
so i logged into crysis war and created my a gamespy id was able to play without any problem..but this lasted for only a day..
i was not able to see any servers on ingame browser..taught sum probs with servers as its a new game...didnt giv much of attention to tat, then i purchased UT3 this time same thing happend was unable to see any servers on ingame browser, UT3 if not mistaken use gamespy servers also
because of this try to check gamespy.com...i was not able to view the page, keeps giving me DNS errors

me and my friend share internet connection over D-LINK 604 router
to check wether this is related to our ISP i gav a call and they said no problem with them, they said sumthng about certificates which i dont knw of any info..we hav another connection in same apartment from the same ISP (by the way i am studyin in ukraine), i tried with tat computer it works fine, any one important thing the other computer which i share my internet also is unable to access the page gamespy.com

so thinking as i cannot acces this page all my games which uses gamepy server dont work, but i do hav counter strike and team fortress 2 which works fine wihtout any problem and i even tried COD4 which also works fine

i searched server for the games thur gametrackers and i can log into servers thru crysis wars connect to ip feature this goes same to UT3 also

i am using windows vista ultimate service pack 1
computer specs
intel core2duo 2.53
4gb ram
nvidia 8800gt

pls can some one help me in this prob...anyhelp would be appreciated

Just incase you're using Kaspersky antivirus, it disables your DNS Cache and i've had a lot of issues many sites not working due to that.

i dont hav kaspersky antivirus, i hav avg free version and spybot installed and windows defender is also there..

i hav discoverd the problem and solved the problem with help of sum1..i would like to share the solution if any1 in future encounters this problem

the problem was actually not my computer or router problem
it was the ISP who provided a DNS Which does not work

i asked them to provide a new DNS and i used that on my IPV4 settings preferd DNS and it worked fine...can open gamespy.com and all the games works fine

but i really dont why my old DNS didnt work for gamespy.com!!
my possible explanation is some how gamespy.com blocks tat DNS or tat my DNS was banned

hope this helps any1 in future
thnx to members who replied to my post and MOD jbennet for helpin wiht new ways to approach

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