I’m now sitting in my local library and thought I would try one of these forum things, they are supposed to be helpful – so here goes people.

I am having problems installing Windows “XP Home. I just bought the whole package from PC World for £79.99 along with the “Plus! Pack which the young chap recommended for £45.99. I think everything’s in place and I was all set to install however I am using an external CD Rom drive and Windows (I’m not sure which version, just the one which came on the computer when my neighbour’s friend got it mid 90s) seems to be having trouble recognising there’s a CD Rom there at all – so much for the latest “serial technology my grandson keeps going on about! I know ROM is inside the CPU but I don't know what to do next.

I like to thing of myself as a bit of a computer buff, well for my age (81) anyway, and I know computers are moving on quickly and are very expensive, so it was kind of my neighbour to give it to me. I don’t think Archie bought it new either - it is made in 1992 - that's the same year as my last Grandson was born! Funny how that happens - I can probably dig out a picture of him if you insist. Never know, if I get Windows working I’ll buy a scanner from eMail and scan it in for you.

I was afraid this new windows would not work, so I had a new hard disk fitted by my neighbour’s son’s daughter’s boyfriend the other week - 500 mega somethings he claims. I think he got it at some sort of auction thing on e-mail for less than £50, or that’s what I paid him anyway.

Boy how these things have moved on since the 2nd world war ( I was a Sergeant)

My Grandson has included the following technical information to help me with this post (thanks grandson):

Name: Amstrad
Processor: Intel 133MHz
ROM: 16Kb
Monitor: Amstrad EGA Colour
Drives: 5.25" floppy drive
30MB ST506 hard drive
Secondary 200MB Maxtor 1600 RPM
External DataRite CDPro Disc Drive

Thanks boys!
“over and out

hi there

the problem is windows xp needs no less than 64mb and yours it only 8mb, also your processer is only 133. the problem is you dont really have enough of anything just to run the program windows xp

Compatibility-- PC
OS provided-- Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
OS provided media-- CD-ROM
Min hard drive space-- 1.5 GB
Min RAM size-- 64 MB

Hope This Helps You

Hi and wekcom to Dani Web .I afraid to tell you but there is just no way you are going to get XP Home on you computer and are just wasting good money trying ,winxp needs at least a CPU of 333 ,128 meg ram .and over 2000 meg Harddrive ,and even that is really not enough sorry ,take the XP back to the store .

Hello again.

Thank you for your help.

I have gone next door and I gave my neighbour a good old whack with my walking stick. Good aim I have, got him right in the leg. Silly boy. He's shown me all the receipts and have given me back the amount he swizzed me by. I also got his father to confiscate his computer for a month.

I've been looking at new computers in PCWorld - the man is very helpful. He's told me that it will cost at least £1500 for a new computer which is capable of going on the internet, which sounds fair enough. He did, however, offer one made in 1999 for £800. He's a nice lad really, good to know he's stopped being silly and messing me about with my money - I fought wars for that money, I'm not letting it go without another fight.

Anyway, I saw a processor in the charity shop the other day. They wanted £100 for it. It looks like it will work, a young lad in the shop told me it was 450Mhz - I know this is more than the 333Mhz you said I need in the spec. Will it be ok or will it be too big to fit - I can file a bit off if I need to. The lad also said that it's AMD which isn't as good as pentium but I think it's just paying for the badge, personally. He was trying to convince me it wouldn't work and his mother wouldn't like it if he let me waste £100 on it and make him do some ironing.

Anyway, thank you for all your help, I look forward to your reply - should I but this processor thing? Also, I looked at my hard drive is far bigger than 64MB - can't I load windows on the hard disk instead of the RAM?

Thanks again, Jordan

hi again

ok you dont need to spend £1500 0n a pc, you can get 1 for £400 made by dell,

TFT 15inc Flatscreen
512mb memory
60gb harddrive i think

Anyways, here you go www.dell.co.uk. If i was you i wouldnt bother upgrading the pc you have as its older than me, lol, kiddin but it is old, i would just buy new. it will be cheaper in the long run. and also you new computer will come with xp home as standed which is what ya grandson wants.


first ,you do need to load windows on the hardrive and not the ram !
the charity shop process isn't going to work in you tower .
If you are going to be only using it for basic computing and going on the net I would look into the one built in 1999,find out some of the specs like size of harddrive and processor and how much ram it has ,it might be good enough for what you need .

Im only 50 yrs old so thanks for fighting in those wars you mentioned .
I live in Canada ,a lot of our men of the day fought to save our freedom Too!!
My dad who is 77 missed out going by one year ! he was so short 5'5" they wouldn't believe him when it try to lie about his age !! good luck

There's no telling what could be wrong with the one at the charity shop. Unless they are willing to hook it up for you and let you see it run, you may end up putting more into it than a new one would cost -- and would still not be near the system!

I'm with godskitchen2004 on this one, I think you're better off getting a new system, and Dell usually has some pretty good deals. While you're at the library, you can do some shopping and comparing online yourself.

Whenever you need some help, this is the place to come! Good luck! :)