Not sure if its you I need to speak to about this but its worth ago as I have been trying to sort this problem for weeks. I have just installed a wireless network with 1 desktop & one laptop; I also have the belkin ADSL/wireless router. The problem is that I cannot log into msn7 and also no msn or Microsoft websites at all, not even sp2 updates. I have turned the firewall off on the belkin ADSL/router, and also there is no firewall on ether Pc. Also I have checked for blocked sites and I have none blocked at all. I even put Microsoft in a trusted site, but still no look at all. If you solve this problem I will await your reply.

Hi there m8,

its not a virus ccause when i just use my normal modem its fine, i can go on any site and do anything. i i cant understand it at all why its bein like this, it only does it on microsoft.

anyways m8 thanks for ya help, if u tthink of anything else let us no,

cheers fella

Were you able to connect to those sites before you set up the router? Can you connect now if you remove the router?

yes m8

if i go on with my bt voyager its fine, i can do everything. Then i put my adsl/router on and i cant get anything to do with microsofe and msn. i also turned the firewall off on the routher and also took off norton, but still no look. I have checked there are no sites blocked and have all the windows updates. oh yer, i also cant get on to anything to do with belkin ( router make ). If you have any idea's, i will be more than happy to try

cheers m8, lee