What is the best free internet security for vista? For my XP I used AVG-free and comodo firewall. Does anyone know of any problems of using these on vista or whether there is anything better to use?

Also, I intend on using firefox rather than IE.

Don't know what is the best, but I use Avast Home+Zone Alarm. Recently I removed spyboat, but I'm still secured. I don't know of good spyware but Avast or AVG free should do the Job and Zone alarm and Comodo is a matter of choice.

By the way, did you mean $$$ based too? I will say, Norton is the one to give a go, but be careful on RAM and Speed of your box

for years I haven't used any security tools on my computer, and haven't had any virus related issues. personally, i believe the best protection is being careful what you download, and what websites you visit. even if you have good software, stupidity can still get your computer infested.

I use AVG 8.0 and Windows Defender, and have had no problems.

What app you use depends on who you are. I like Vipre,anti-virus and anti-spyware in one,doesnt slow you down a bit either. Heres a little advice..I came across McAfee "site advisor" awhile ago and I would feel naked without it.It puts a green,yellow or red emblem next to the site,so you know not to touch it if its red.Best security is to be smart,and site advisor helps you in that field.