Hey people, I gota lil problem...

I have a wav file around 9MB = 1 minute play time,
(Bit rate - 1411kbps | Sample size - 16bit | sample rate 44khz | pcm format)
that I want to play as the Start Windows sound. It works for about 20 seconds but after that it cuts out?

I have tried the file on another system & it does the same so I know its not the file or a arsed up setting.
I also tried making another file of the same size with the same result.
Other smaller files work ok if they are about 4-5MB = 20 ish seconds long.

So question is, is there a time limit for the system sounds?
If so is there anyway of extending it?
I have had a look in the registry for something but I be damned if I found anything. Or is there a file that can be edited?
The one thing I dont wana do is install a shell replacement which a friend sudgested to me.

Using Windows XP btw.

thanks 4 any ideas :)


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I believe that it's too large of a file for Windows to operate for a startup sound...it re-initializes sound after your desktop comes up which will interrupt any sound currently playing. For instance, I have a napoleon dynamite clip for my login message....but I had to clip around 4 seconds off of it so that it was able to finish before sound was reinitialized when the login happened.