hello, can any one tell me if it is nescessary to have norton internet security 2005 and norton anti virus 2005 running on same computer? Is it possible one could interfere with the other? My problems have something to do with pop ups being blocked, but also my internet explorer page closes too. Any ideas, running windows xp. :?:

NIS comes with NAV as an optional install, so you dont have to install NAV or vice versa, but both work along side each other, they shouldnt cause any problems.
In the NIS theres an option for ad-blocks which you might wana disable.
Also if you got SP2, IE will block pop ups, it shows a small box at the top of the screen when it blocks a pop up & you can click it to say permit or block.
Theres an option for disabling pop ups altogether in the Internet Options somewhere lol you'll find it.

General desperate things to try:
Reset everything in Internet Options. (it makes no sence but neither do computers)
Try Another Browser - Mozilla's Firefox & see if you get different results.
Scan your system for anything & everything, spyware, viruses, trojans.
Un-installing Norton properly & re-install. (remove any files or folders about norton)

When All else fails...... FORMAT IT! lmao :D

Nanoo Nanoo

what actually is the problem? if you need to see a popup, you can unblock it. I'm just not sure what the problem actually is.

the problem is that i can just only get internet explorer open, briefly, then before long this popup blocker informs me that its blocked a pop- up, then internet explorer page vanishes. Same popup message appears ontop of last, over and over again. It is happening on my sis-in law computer, and i not sure if she installed service pack 2. She is deaf and mute, so she finds it hard to understand much of computer, her son has most to do with it, and hes away at college.

for problems with Internet Explore ,I beginning to Agree that Firefox is the best fix ,as we help people get rid of spyware and malware and popups ,then a week later they got it all back again.You sister will love Firefox/

Go to the link in caperjack's signature that says Software tools

At that page, go to:

Spyware-removers and get Spybot and AdAware

Spyware-preventions and get at least one, or all three, of the programs listed

Update and run all of those programs in Safe Mode and see if you still have the popup problem

On a side note, the fact that your sister-in-law is deaf and mute has little to do with the fact that she doesn't understand much about computers. As long as she can read, she can learn as much as she's interested in (there are also computer classes taught in ASL). It's just that she, as well as most of the public in general, isn't really interested in knowing any more than necessary to use the computer for her intended purpose. Someone who is deaf/mute is no different from you than someone who speaks a different language. (This isn't intended to offend, but to offer support in being more considerate and accepting, and understand that she's not all that different from anyone else).