Hi all,I'm just sorta a newbie at this 2yrs. Ineed help! I put a shortcut of www.321free.com on my desktop and I can't get rid of it. I cannot delete,rename,or put into a folder,when I do I get the following message: cannot delete file:the filename you specified is invalid or too long specify a different filename. If anyone could help me I thank you in advance.

What operating system and what file system are you using? FAT32 or NTFS? Try logging in to safe mode and try to delete it that way.

If that doesn't work, run chkdsk on the C:\ drive. It's supposed to fix invalid name entries, etc. You can do this by going into My Computer, right clicking on the C: drive, and then going to properties. Click the tools tab and then the Check Now button to scan your drive for errors.


Thanks for the fast reply cscgal<I,m running win98 with a fat32 file system.I tried the scandisk on thourgh but found that it was taking too long
is this normal? How do I get into safe mode?


Scandisk on thorough takes an awfully long time, and this is normal. However, it's really not good to cancel it in the middle. Sometimes that screws up files it's in the process of fixing when you cancel it.

You don't need to run the thorough version of scandisk to possibly correct this problem. Try running the quick or normal method.

To go into safe mode, press the F8 key when the booting into Windows splash screen/ logo first appears. This loads your computer without any peripheral drivers such as video card, sound card, network card, etc, and sometimes can be used to diagnose & troubleshoot problems.

Scandisk (or chkdsk for Windows 2000/XP) seems to be your best option. No need to run thorough though!


Sorry I didn't know about thourgh.I just tried scandisk normal to no avail.I'm going to try the safe mode method,but I have to try it tomorrow cause I,m off to work.

Tanks so much for your help,I'll let you know how I made out k.

Try going into DOS and renaming the file. I remember in Windows 95/98 if you put extended ASCII characters in filenames Windows would have a fit if you try to delete them. Usually, when you create a file in Windows, it doesn't let you put extended characters in your file names, but you could do it in DOS. I used to go into DOS, go to the C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP directory of my friend's computer and create a file with the name "hey you" - but the space in between wasn't a space (ASCII CHAR #20) it was (ASCII CHAR #255), inserted by holding down the ALT button and typing in 255 on the number pad. The only way on earth you could delete a file like that was if you formatted the HD, or deleted the folder it was in or go into DOS and renamed the file, then deleted it through Windows or DOS. Hehe... you couldn't move the file to any folder even the Recycle bin. If you tried to move it to a folder, it would have weird side effects, like the folder becoming the name of the file. You couldn't rename it or delete it.

I don't know if this might be your problem, but it sounds very similar. It's also a neat way to scare your friends.


Had to join the forum in order to give you big thanks!

Your tip about going into DOS to delete worked a treat (as them ferners say <g>.); it also works in XP Pro, which I'm running.

Thanks again!

~MetaPhysics Applied While You Wait~

use some professional tools to delete it....

Hy. I ran into that damn problem too. And after days of searching I finally found this software: Long Path Tool.
It's GREAT. You can find it here: http://www.longpathtool.com/

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