Hi there,

I am new to here, Not computer. At the same time i'm not in a level of top.. k I will come to the point !

I have a one setup file with 60mb. I want to zip this file 10mb separately.. totally i'll get 6 10mb files... How can i do this..

I have installed win zip software in my computer.. Is any option with win zip means please suggest me...

Many Thanks.

there are many different programs available to do that. google file splitting software. i do not have a recommended program.

hiya jeevaa i have done this many times before but not using winzip i use winrar it allows you to specify how big you want the file spilt size to be. Or you could try using a program called HJsplit although this one isnt as ideal as Winrar it wil still do the job you want.

WinZip v12 does this and you can select the option from the menu when you drag files to be zipped onto the WinZip pane.

You can choose the Zip split size. It'll need WinZip 12 at the other end.

You want to Zip your 60 MB file to 10 mb separately

you are already install Zip software on your computer now you can zip your file to write click on the file and chose option Add to archive
now you can see Split to volume option. you can choose number of size in bytes