Hi, last week you helped me get my slave hard drive sorted. Now I want to add XP to it. Do I go into the boot menu and get the computer to start from CD (with my xp disc in) or is there another way. XP on the main drive has lost a couple of componets due to my over zealous deleteing of unwanted programs, the partion on the main HD is full so cannot clean either.
So I thought I'd load XP onto my new bigger HD then move my pictures music etc etc over once thats all done.
Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions

make it slave then put your disk in and once it comes to the part about which dive direct it to it.

It's already the slave and is drive G on system information.
Are you saying switch computer on then put XP dics in and follow instructions. Or do I get the thing to boot up by CD and follow instructions?
Sorry to be a bit vague not done this before.
Thanks for posting ann answer though.

Boot to the cd and follow the instructions.

Thank you TT4Titan, all worked just as you described. To transfer files I'll use the shared folders but how can I transfer my email settings, addresses, messages and all my internet sites saved in favorites?
Best wishes Emma&Izzy

Sorry but someone else will have to help with that.

If you are using Outlook Express go to tools, choose address book, go to file and choose export, save this to My Documents. You can use a program like Nero to transfer this to a CD or if you are familiar with transferring files from one hdd to another you can do that.

Here is an article that my help.