I was wondering if any old security updates that are installed on your computer have to stay there? If I try to erase them (like 50) it says certain programs will be affected, what's the deal?

Why does it load so many updates into my hardware list...half of them I never installed or have even heard of before. I'm also having problems with my 'update manager' could these be linked somehow?

The problem has taken over my comp, and makes everything slower.

HELP??? thanks so much


What service pack have you got? OS?

The security updates (normally called something cryptic like KB123456) must stay. On XP SP2 these should not be shown under add/remove unless you tick the box for "show updates".

The reason XP needs them is because its an 8 year old system, and a lot of flaws have been found since its inception.

Upgrading to Sp3 may help to a limited extent.

Hi, so I have the XP service pack 3...or box of crap as I like to claim!

Next time I will definitely buy a mac..quote me on that one ;)

The updates aren't so bad really, it's just that I can't control them.
I guess I installed the insta-shield update manager onto my comp and my pc life has become very very maddening!!

I need to get rid of update manager first..it affects everything else