I now have the windows xp disk that came with my previous HP computer. How do I go about uninstalling the windows vista, from my new computer and then installing windows xp with the xp disk? can anyone give me a step by step instruction, on this? I have the original HP disk, and the windows XP disk that came with the computer. Appreciate any help, Thanks.

I'm not surprised that the brainios here have avoided answering your question for the past couple of hours.

First, the prospect of giving step by step instructions for dumping Vista and installing XP would put most people off. best way (BTW) if you want to zap Vista totally is to boot up with the XP CD, go to the console and reformat your hard drive. Then install from SETUP.EXE on the CD.

BUT .... unless the XP CD that came with the HP PC is a vanilla copy of Windows, you'll find it installing HP selected drivers for the original PC and then very little will operate properly.

So let us know what's going on here in the context of what I've advised.

if you reformat your pc and make a two partition to dual boot with vista.. you might have problem registering your xp license key to microsoft..

but if you really insist in doing dual booting..
search google "dual boot xp and vista" you'll come up with a lot of answers and step by step procedure..


Jonojo says he wants to uninstall Vista.

hahaha..sorry i miss it out.. thanks Suspishio...

to jonojo:

you better follow what Susposhio suggested you need to reformat your PC..
but just try to update your vista with the latest pack.. maybe you'll try to learn to love vista..LOL

It maybe worthwhile trying to dual boot your system. I would shrink the partition with vista on and make another partition and put xp on that one. This way you can use both, if you use easyBCD you can choose to go back to XP, Vista or stick with both.

I have a HP laptop and have Vista preinstalled. I got XP and put that on as well, I suggest contacting HP support on their website. They gave me some drivers that are compatable with my laptop. Use your serial number to find drivers for your product on the HP website, they sometimes have XP drivers there.

The above assumes your new computer is from HP, if it isn't contact whoever you bought it off for XP advice.