Hey all,

This isn't a huge concern and I have just ignored it, but I guess I am curious to see if anybody has a remedy. I have somehow got a folder which is visible, but doesn't map to anything. What I mean is I can see it, but if I try to perform any actions on it, it says the folder doesn't exist.

I've tried "unlocking" it, and also disable explorer.exe and using cmd, but these 2 methods had no effect.

Any ideas?
(Like I said, I'm not really bummed about it, it's just slightly annoying)

what is the folder called?
what are the permissions on it?

run a rootkit scanner just in case

Not on my computer currently, so I don't know the permissions. But it's just a normal folder "E:\My Recieved Files\Shared".

It shouldn't be anything malicious, it was a folder I created myself. I deleted a bunch of other folders with it (the others are gone), but this one is just hanging around.

I will post permissions when I get home.

yeah check the permissions
is it shared? unshare it before trying to delete it

Yeah, it is underneath a shared directory (so its parent is shared, not itself). Thanks for your suggestion, I will try it later on.

if its under a shared directory, that should mean its shared too, right?

Yep, I wasn't saying it wasn't. I was just unclear in my last post, sorry.

Well I tried removed it from being shared, but no luck. I can't access the security tab for the folder, so I can't get its permissions.

"The requested security information is either unavailable or can't be displayed"


thats worrying

you sure you aint been rooted?

LOL, I am pretty sure it is "rooted". It doesn't really do anything, just annoying every time I see it. Not to worry, thanks anyway.