I upgraded windows XP home ed to professional and want to uninstall it and return back to the regular home edition. I've tried by going to control panel and uninstalling the program, but it's not there. I've tried to restore the system with the disks that came with my notebook and thats not working either. I have an HP notebook and I just want to reinstall windows home edition. I don't know why it's not letting me romove xp professional. Can some one help?

Has something gone wrong with the upgrade? Are there 'features' missing which you wish to use? Why, specifically, do you wish to uninstall Pro if it's actually working?

Everything available in XP Home is also available in XP Pro!

If you did not retain the files for the previous Windows version when asked to during the upgrade installation, you will not be able to revert, and will need to format and start over again. If the Restore disks for the notebook are not bringing you success, then perhaps you are not following the correct procedures?

Some more specific information would be helpful. What is the problem with the upgrade? What specific HP notebook do you have?

Thanks for responding. I have an HP Pavilian ZE 5000 notebook. The reason I want to go back to the original version is because after installing xp pro, everything loads slow. I tried to convert it back to a later date, but it will not let me go anytime before i did the upgrade. I have scanned for viruses and spywear and have none. So I don't know what the problem is. It is just running very very slow. What shall I do next?

All previous restore points are lost after you perform an upgrade install, I'm afraid.

Depending on your particular configuration, you could have Wireless, Firewire AND Ethernet networking available on that laptop, and the slowness might relate to the differences in the way Pro handles networking as compared to Home Edition. If no-one else comes up with a worthwhile suggestion, I'll do a little research for you later on. Wiping the system and starting over should be your last resort. I'm sure it'll be easily fixable :)