I am new to this form so I hope I am in the correct form for asking this question.
I has signed up to do surveys for Microsoft and as a reward for completing a survey they sent me copy Windows XP Pro which I was going to put on my HP computer. I noticed on the box it says for computers running Windows 95 or earlier. Does that mean I can't install it at all? Or do I need to remove Windows ME first then install XP. I have no idea how to remove Windows from a computer or format a hard drive and probably would screw up installing a new version of windows. Any advice on this? I admit I am not computer savy. I was so excited when I got the Windows XP then I seen it was for windows 95 or earlier so now I don't know if I can even use it. Guess I should be happy it was free and I had not bought it *lol*
Thanks for any advise given.
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Pamida, this topic:


Will link to two articles. Together they'll tell you all you need to know. You'll have to obtain Windows XP device drivers for the components in your HP computer, and you should find them pn the support section of HP's website.

The mention that it's for 'Windows 95 or earlier' simply means that it is a full retail version of Windows XP, rather than an upgrade you need a qualifying product to install.

It'll simply be boot from the CD, remove the existing drive partitions, install. Simple as that. Read the articles ;)

Thanks for your help. I don't have that computer hooked up to the internet right now so I will probably have to hook it up then download the drivers onto floppy since the new computer I have does not have a floppy drive. I am glad I will be able to use the new windows xp thanks again for your help.
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Pamida, grab a CD burner for it and copy your files to CD. A floppy drive is totally inadequate in todays world, and the files most likely won't fit on a floppy anyway. CD burners are quite inexpensive.

What are the specs on your computer (Processor, RAM, hard drive size, etc)? Let's check those out before you even think of installing Windows XP on your system.

I am not sure what the specs of the computer are I will look tomorrow it is put away in the closet. I do have a CD /DVD writer on the HP computer but it won't work at least for DVD burning because of windows media player which is an uninstallable program on Windows ME so I may try to put it in the emachine and see if I can get it to work. I bought the dvd writer which was a HP brand figuring I would have no problems installing the software and getting it to work but after many emails to HP and finally Microsoft I found that I can't remove the media player as HP told me to do so if I can ever get it installed on the emachine maybe I can get it to work. I did not realize when I ordered the Windows professional that I would need to remove the windows ME out of the computer Plus the cd rom that came with the HP is packed in a box someplace after we moved I just put all the extra things in storage so I will have to find that and put it back in the HP computer before I can do anything.
I am an idiot when it comes to computers so I am sure when ever I try to get it installed I will have major problems. I will let you know what the specs are on the HP when I can look at it I have to babysit my granddaughter tomorrow until around 1pm so maybe I can look at it after she goes home. I am to tored to look at the puter tonight.

Pamida, that advice from HP about needing to uninstall Windows Media Player to be able to do DVD burning is absolutely WRONG! You simply need the correct software installed on your system, and perhaps undo a bit of system software damage created by other burning software which has been previously installed, and you will be able to use your burner.