OK, I am home and I am testing - creating an environment. I use COMCAST and have a LinkSys router. I live in the East coast of USA.

OK, the HOST is a Windows XP running a VMWare version 1.0.1. I created a VM called VM-W2k3ent it's a windows 2003 Enterprise Server. The network is bridged.

I also have a vm XP Pro on the same HOST that is also bridged. The server is an AD DC the domain i created is VM-Field.com

The Windows 2003 Server I created a shared folder on it.
Well to make the long story short. From the Host computer I can ping the VM vm-w2k3ent and I can also get to the shared folder.

However any other computer at my house, can't even ping the ip address of the computer name vm-w2k3ent

Why is that. I believe i have done this before - and I was able to...

I believe that the bridged network vm machine should act and behave just like any other pc at my house which i should be able to ping correct?!

i ensured that the windows firewall was off, and keyed in the dns suffix name etc... i have even edited the dns to be the ip address of the vm machine to no avail.

Hmm... Do i have to change VM machine's network to NAT?

can you ping the host pc? Can you ping the ip of the vm machine. I have an xp vm setup in a domain environment and I can't ping the machine name either, I just use the ip for everything been working fine for over a year