I've installed many a DVD Drive with nary a problem. However, I am now installing a typical DVD drive an XP box (Sony Vaio). The OS sees the drive, but tells me there was trouble installing the hardware. When I check in Device manager it shows the correct drive with the big yellow exclamation point and tells me that it couldn't install the drive due to incorrect or damaged registry files. I ran a registry tool and it fixed a bunch of errors, but not the DVD problem. I would normally run a repair from the XP OS CD disk, but . . . that requires a DVD/CD drive. Anyone have any idea which registry files I repair and how to do it? I feel between a rock and a hard place.

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you can still run a repair

it runs independantly of the installled OS
so it doesnt matter if the registry is broken


Hi again,
You could also try sfc /scannow (note the space after the sfc) and repair your protected files that way.


Already tried that. I went to Lite-on. All they have is a firmware download. Just for kicks I tried to load it, but strangely it said it couldn't find the drive. This is interesting because the drive shows up in device manager by the right name and numbers. Does Microsoft have standard DVD drivers I can download?

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