Ok here is my problem:

Yesterday I rebooted my computer, it began to start back up. Then after showing the XP loading page the screen went black for about 5 seconds. If flashed blue for no more then a second and then began to restart again. I left it on for a few minutes to see if it would continue doing this and it did. So I looked as close as I could to see what the writing on the blue screen said. It was only up for a second at a time so I had to write down one word each time. So anyway I find out that it said, CANNOT LOCATE THE APPLICATION WINSERV.

Does anyone know how to help me?

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You can see this link for information over winserv. Start windows in safe mode and remove the application.

I tried to restart in safe mode and a list of applications (I assume they were applications. I am not great with computers so I am not sure.) just ran down the screen. After a few seconds it just began to restart again.

Do you know what to do?
Thankyou so much for your help

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