Hi all,

I hope everyone had a great New Year !

Ok, ever since I upgraded my computer a bit, I've been having problems with OE where it gets errors that have nothing to do with my server or ISP. It seems when there are too many e-mail windows open, it crashes & I have to shut everything down & start it back up again & then it will send the e-mails sitting in the outbox.

Second, whenever I delete a file from somewhere on one of my HDs, it takes forever for it to delete & then it hangs. I have to open a new "my computer" window if I want to get back in the folder I was previously in.

Any ideas what's going on?

Thanks & TTYL

Michelle :)

maybe you need more ram, I would max that out and see what happens. It never hurts to have more ram.

I already have 512 & was told past a certain point it doesn't do any good. :(

Thanks :)


Have you run CHKDSK on your hard drive recently? If it's hanging, there might be something going on with the hard drive, or the filesystem on the drive. As far as those errors with OE are concerned, are you running Norton, or some type of email scanning program? When was your last virus scan performed?

Also, on how much RAM to have: The more the merrier. But, you're right, if at most you never take up more than 300 MB worth of programs, over 512MB of memory probably won't do you any good.