Hello everybody, hopefully someone here can help as this is my last port of call before a format!!!

Firstly a little background. The PC in question is my fiancee's standard HP off the shelf job with XP home. Recently it started playing up with random crashes and lenghly load periods. I did the standard spyware scan and cleaned loads of items. Ran a virus scan and cleaned out a fair few of those too.

But it appeared i could only keep the system stable enough to complete these tasks with the USB wirless adaptor unplugged, connecting it and trying to load a program just resulted in nothing happening. You could still double click an icon to load it and it would appear in the process list but with minimal memory usage (not enough to actually be running) but nothing would appear. After all the scans i tried connecting the adaptor again and this time the desktop just vanished (icons and all) i was going to try and add "explorer" as a new process but even ctrl alt delte wouldnt work.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this and sorry my first post had to be a cry for help but i am truely desperate to get it running as my fiancee needs it for work!!


Hi, and welcome!

Can you boot up in safe mode? I presume the usb wireless adaptor you talking about is your router/modum?

Let us know firstly if you can boot in safemode.

Hi there :) Yes in safe mode it's all ok, i can even access the internet. Its just a USB wireless adaptor that links it too the wireless router upstairs, like an external network card i assume (sorry im no good on wireless things at all!) Many thanks for your reply


OK, there are a couple of things you can try. First of all, you need to make sure that all the nasties are removed from your system. To do that, you need to download and update HJT as prescribed here:

after updating the HJT you need to run it, and post the log, in order for someone to analyze it to see if all the nasties are gone, and to give you best advice what and how to remove them if they are not all gone. Best is to post that log in the nasties and virus forum for expertize help, if needed.

Also, in the meantime, what you can check out, is to see if you can connect to internet via direct cable in normal mode. Also, while you are in safe mode, see if you can run explorer from there.

Edit: Is the desktop still gone?

Thanks again Kraai. Yes desktop is back now, i assume it must have been a spyware/virus problem. I shall make a HJT dump when i get home tonight and post it in the relevant forum. I hadn't thought of trying the net directly so i will try that as well. Many thanks for your help.


Hey Matt, youre welcome, and if you think this question was resolved for now, you may mark this post as such. Good luck with your HJT on the other forum.