I have a desktop computer with windows Xp Professionnal sp2. When my computer has been turned off for the night or for an hour or so, windows Xp won't boot. I see the bios and everything goes well. Then just before the windows logo is supposed to appear, it just stays black no mouse icon, and I need to reset the computer.Then it ask me to start windows normally or in safe mode etc etc. I choose to start normally. If I restart the pc 3 or 4 time and choose start windows normally it will finally starts. Everything goes well, Windows start and everything is ok. I ran adaware, norton with the latest patch. I also have the latest drivers for my nvidia video card.

It's annoying to do this every morning. I've upgraded my video card to the latest nvidia drivers. I ran powermax for my hard drive and memtest and evreything is fine.

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I don't think this is a software problem, but more of a hardware problem, and therefore you should let somebody check the components of your PC.


I don't think this is a software problem, but more of a hardware problem

Quite possible.


Does the freeze also occur if you choose to boot into Safe Mode instead of booting normally?

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