My computer config is
1.7 Ghz
512 MB Ram

it started dunno how - but i located blaster worm in my pc - and installed fixblast from symantec removed it - and it was running fine.
but than my computer started to freeze every 5-10 minutes.
I formatted my hard drive - deleted the partition i had and re-installed xp ( 3 times now) to end up with the same problem.
I thought I might have some problem with the hardware - tried changing the RAM - but still the same thing.
It runs fine in safe mode which suggested me that i dont have the problem with the hardware - but when booted normally its the same problem.
I see my CPU usage reaching upto 100% whereas i am not running any programme - and than suddenly it freezes leaving me no other option than to press the reset button.

Can anyone help please as its been a nightmare for me for more than a week now.

Thanks for the Help

when you reinstall windows are you install ing the blasterworm patch before you go online ,if not you could be getting the blaster worm as soon as you connect computer to the intenet

Thanks for the reply mate - but the thing is that it does not let me connect to internet and it freezes again so need to restart it again.

:sad: da-funk