Hi All,
About 2 months ago i got a new toshiba laptop. Untill recently it has been working great, but recently it has been freezing when i surf the web. It usualy dosent happen when im surfing a single page, but when pop ups start comming up, it will freeze. i will hit ctrl-alt-delete, then hit restart. this will clear the frozen web pages, but then it says rundll32.exe, is not closing... then that it is not responding. This is quite a hassle, and i am just curious if this is a problem many people face, and if its something that i can easyly correct myself or if i should seek help from a computer shop. Any help you could provied me with would be greatly apprieciated. Thanks for your time.
Bryan Roden

Rundll runs dll (Dynamic Link Libraries) files.
When rundll32.exe gets an error, it is usually due to an error that is located in 1 or more Dll files. The best thing to do is to get an pop-up blocker. Click here for Smart pop-up blocker.

Popup blockers are great but sometime you also need to remove the programs ,or bad DLL's that are generating the popups ,check out our Security Fourm .,