Every now and then Vista comes up with a "Program Compatability Assistant" popup window (see image) when you want to run a .exe file.

If you make the mistake, like I did, and agree with the Administrator option, then from hence foreward everytime you want to run this particular executable the screen goes grey and another popup appears that asks you to allow this program. Really slows things down, frigging annoying, and seemigly no way to reverse this thing!

Does anyone know how to get out of this jail?

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Have you tried right clicking on in and untick run as administrator or maybe changing file permissions?

Right clicking on the Allow Popup does not do anything.

Uninstalling and reinstalling does not help, I am still stuck!

I meant right click on the .exe. For instance for you I would expect it would be the python executable.

This popup, have you just installed python?

You may have to install it as an administrator. Then you may be able to run the program with normal user rights.

If I right click on the python.exe file I get a popup menu, but I don't see much in there to change the crummy situation. I looked thoroughly at properties, but there is no hint. It looks like Vista stores that information somewhere else. I installed Python initially at least 6 months ago and then reinstalled it trying to get rid of the 'allow' popup. My older XP desk top machine simply does not do silly stuff like that.

You can stop the Program compatibility assistant if you want to;

Go to the run command or (windows key+R) and type services.msc. Scroll down to Program Compatibility Assistant and double click on it and click Stop. Then change the startup to Disabled. Try the EXE again.

- This should stop the pop-up, if you want it back do the reverse.

Sorry that I responded so late!
I did everything you recommended, but I am still stuck with the "Allow this program Window" popping up. Vista is simply too frustrating! I would vote it as one of Micrsoft's worst products!

I finally solved the pesky Vista problem, I bought a used Dell notebook with Linux/Ubuntu on it. I enjoy the new OS a lot, goodbye Vista! No more endless waiting on startup and shutdown, no more silly security popups! It was easy to download/intsall all the open source software I needed from the Ubuntu site. Things like Open Office, Python, SPE, DrPython and some good graphics software.

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