is there any way or software that can protect with password of my USB flash drive , so that no body can access my drive ???

what OS?
what drive?

drive means FLASH DRIVE ( MEMORY STICK ) , i have win xp OS , if any body would like to use my memory stick in USB port then it ask for password . i am sure you got my point.

home or pro
is the drive formatted as FAT or NTFS?
and what brand and model of drive

Are you looking to add software to an existing flash drive or purchase a new flash drive with software encryption built in?

Kanguru Solutions has an encrypted flash drive called the KanguruMicro Drive AES. High level encryption, very good product!

You can use TrueCrypt.

However, the PC that you plug the flashdrive into needs to have truecrypt installed on it. Truecrypt basically encrypts a virtual drive on the same size as the physical drive and then the software mounts that virtual drive once you supply the correct password. When opening files on the encrypted flashdrive, the data is decrypted in real time through the random access memory. The password also stays in the RAM, so it's very difficult to crack.

In addition to the solutions mentioned, Lexar has some drives that can be used encrypted or unencrypted.

you can get yourself a u3 flash drive which has built in password protection if you need it along with tons of other available portable software which you can download off the u3 or other website

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