i have DirectX 9.0C installed in my comp but still i get a prompt that i need to install DirctX 9.0C when i try playing NFS MostWanted
can anyone help me please

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I am assuming that you are using XP. XP can only be updated to direct 9.0c.

Have you tried something else that requires DX 9.0c. Another game for example.

Go to start >> run and enter dxdiag this should tell you the version installed.


I have a problem with Skype and my cam (Logitech ) as I try to video chat in Skype & live messenger, but my cam will not open, it said to make sure I have the latest direct X .So I downloaded a free one from the net version 9 and ...darn it, same thing. Nothing has changed at all. Why is this and what can I do about my cam not opening in.....Skype and live messenger ....But "WILL" open in yahoo messenger why is that ...please help someone. I am pulling my hair out here lol.


Yes Xlphos I have On YAHOO messenger and it works gr8 .... ran dixdiag said i had the verion i spoke of direct 9.0c. Yes I have xp


try to installed direct x 10. make sure the driver of the video card installed corretly by looking to Dxdiag...


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