hi all,

i m facing a problem that i have checked "dont show hidden files" option in folder option but after some time hidden files are automatically shown, kindly tell me how to solve this problem?

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Please tell us what hidden files are not hidden, is it all hidden files or just some and is the "Hide Hidden Files" still checked?

hi have you tried to right click on the file that you claims that it's hidden? right click on the file click on properties then check whether the attribute option for hidden is checked or unchecked...if it's uncheck then it's not hidden....

Hi Bob,

Its all hidden files shown, and when hidden files are shown then "show hidden files" are automatically checked.

hi, try to check your registry..navigate to these keys..just follow it..

The key "CheckedValue" data should be "2"
Then the Subfolder "ShowAll" "Checkedvalue" data should be "2 "also

if either of this two values is set to 1, it will show hidden files..
and if this doesn't work download Malwarebytes..check whether your system got virus
hope it helps..

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