i tried loading an Action Replay disc on my computer and as soon as the tray closes,a message pops up.


The message : 16 bit windiws subsystem.
c:\windows\system32\autoexec.nt. The system file is not suitable for running ms-dosand microsoft windows applications. choose close window o terminate the application.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------what i'm trying to do is make this cd-rom work with XP

any help would be greatly appreciated.

1. This may be due to viruses or malware, ensure your anti-spyware and anti-virus programs are up to date.

2. Open using Notepad C:\Windows\System32\autoexec.nt. It is possible that this file has been corrupted and needs to be replaced. It should contain these lines.

REM Install CD ROM extensions
lh %SystemRoot%\system32\mscdexnt.exe
REM Install network redirector (load before dosx.exe)
lh %SystemRoot%\system32\redir
REM Install DPMI support
lh %SystemRoot%\system32\dosx

If it contains more than that, the file needs to be fixed or replaced. A backup copy of the file can be found in c:\windows\repair

3. Replace the file if it damaged or missing.

4. Reboot your pc. If the file is missing or damaged again, you have malware.