Ok heres the deal ...i have a hp paviliion laptop dv9700 that i got from "questionable" sources but the price was right and i needed a comp. the problem is they used a dell recovery disk to restore it to factory settings but its not a dell so when i got it i had to install a bunch of drivers and now its not running right can i restore it to factory hp settings???? i have tried pressing f-11 and it dosnt do anything please help

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oh yeah also im not real pc savy so if you could keep ur answers in simple terms please

Sorry, but i think the only thing you can do is reinstall windows vista, you'll need to buy a copy.

Sorry, unless someone else has an idea....


HP will sell you a recovery disk.
If this is just a driver problem, all the drivers are available at the HP site.

Normally you cannot use DELL Recovery CD's on other computer systems than DELL systems, as DELL verifies it
(something with an OEM-BIOS) ...

But normally you can buy a new recovery cd from HP ...

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