:?: I want to reformat my pc but it seems my own computer does not want me to.
It always gives out a stop error message saying something like this:

>>Your windows had been shut down to avoid damage.
1.Please scan your PC for viruses.
2.Scan hard drives so it be powered or terminated correctly.
3.Run CHKDSK/ F for errors.

Well I have done 1 and 3 still the stop error above always occur.
How to do number 2?
What does F mean in CHKDSK/ F? Is is F:\?
Well if it is I dont have a drive F:\.

Well actually I had one but the it is because of powerISO.
I installed it and suddenly F:\ appeared.

Is the powerISO responsible or other error that exists?

What should I do? Step by step please. Thank You

the /f in chkdsk means fix error found while scanning the disk. It always use /r which repairs all bad sectors (and also implies /f).

How are you trying to format your harddrive? It seems odd that you are getting windows error messages while trying. Are you trying to format it from inside windows?

The easiest way to do it is to boot on the cd and the use the recovery console and use the format command.

OS self-protects: it will not let you format the systemdrive. Get a third party format software on a floppy, or just do it when you enter Windows Setup to reinstall... if that is what you are putting in.