Hi guys,

I am using the afore mentioned OS, and i have been experiencing Windows - Delayed Write Failure...etc very often. It only happens when i am playing a game (Cabal Online, lol). And it is rather frustrating as i built this computer just to play that game.

When it happened a few mths back, i tried reformatting but the error still came back. Frustrated, i went back to the dealer who promptly changed the HDD for me (i waited 2 weeks for the replacement HDD). So for 1 month, i have not been experiencing this problem. But just this morning, IT HAPPENED AGAIN! OMG.. someone help me please.

Can anyone tell me if it is a hardware issue (ie HDD, M/B, Power Supply) or software issue (ie i should use Vista instead)? I really really need any help you guys can come up with..

I tried searching the forums but the threads are either not replied or they are about external hard disks and copying large files. Please advise!!

I'm using a Hitachi 160GB HDD, running on Intel Core2Duo E7200 on Nforce chipset with 3gb RAM and with Nvidia Gefore 9600GT.

Please advise!! :(

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bumps. please help!

hey hi, i actually found this article on google already. followed all steps but the problem still persist..

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