Hi,EVERYBODY, I have a problem. I'm runnig Windows XP Home SP3 with a intel Pentium DUALCORE E2180 overclocked to2.7ghz with a AUS p5kpl-cm motherboard and 2gb RAM, Nvidea 3450 graphics card.
Anyways the problem is within the software side of things. Its my ALIENGUISE (windowsblinds) you see it all works perfectly fine, that is when i leave it on stand by. But when i turn of the P.c and turn it back on the alienguise3 themes dissapear. And even when i turn on the software and re-apply the theme it does not work. And the only way to get it working again is to re-install the ALIENGUISE software. Hope you can see my frustration. I'm just tired of re-installing the software everytime i want to totally turn of my computer. SO PLEASE, SOMEONE OUT THERE HELP ME!!!!!!!

Does it do this with other windows blings themes? You could put your PC into hibernate for the time being and see what we can come up with... that should be atleast your computer is completely "on".

Have you considered restoring your computer to a point when this didn't happen? I had a massive problem with windows blinds but it was much more severe so i had to completely uninstall it.

it only does it when i use the alienguise themes, and when it happens it just goes back o the the stadard XP theme. I've tried restoring it bt it keeps on happening. But i've just figured out something, when i restart it if it goes back to XP theme ,all i have to do is restart it again and the theme comes back. but it wont come back when i apply the theme thru ALIENGUISE theme manager.Have any idea what the prob is?