Hello IT brethren,

I am being requested to develop a website for a company. After spending a day with the company, understanding their problems and thinking about solutions, I came to conclude that more than a website, what they really needed was an intranet. Their final solution, I would say, we would 90% intranet and 10% website.

They have a Dell PowerEdge server running in their office and they also have someone with a networking background (something I don't have!).

Do any of you have any experience in developing an intranet and/or can point me to useful resources on putting one together? I can easily meet their requirements on a remote server as a website, but I think (as most of their processes are for internal use) that an intranet would provide their staff a much more responsive system.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Well, if its running on a windows/iis server you could do some cool stuff. For example, you could implement single signon so they could sign onto the intranet with thier domain login they normally use for the client pcs. You could also, for example, have a web interface for thier inernal email - and if they use exchange / outlook there is an outlook web client so they can see thier calanders, contacts etc... online.

You could also set up sharepoint to manage documents etc...

They already have their machines networked to the extent that they can share documents etc.

My job is to develop a management (web based) application which they can all access. Whilst I can develop the application, sharing it between them is where I get stuck.