Hey I am new to the forum and ya all seem pretty helpful. My computer keeps freezing for no reason when I play FFXI I got an NVIDIA Geforce FX 5200 updated with the newest drivers. Running Windows XP with Service pack 2, DirectX 9 is installed and have 30 GB Hard Drive with 20 GB available. Sound Card is A Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit I got 640MB of Ram, AMD processor 1.4 GHz. I asked the IT guys to the game website they said disable my firewall, go to MSCONFIG and uncheck all the programs that are at the STARTUP TAB. I have done all of that I even got Spybot, and the lavasoft SE adware remover nothing is detected, but before I restored my computer to new, I was getting something with the MRU list in the lavasoft program didnt know if that was the problem so thats why I just restored my whole computer. Everthing is all back to normal with all the updates but still keeps freezing pls can some one help me Thank you.

You say that it's freezing for no reason. If it's freezing, there has to be a reason for it.

FFXI doesn't like it when you run background programs since the only reason you would run anything in the background and then run FFXI is because you want to cheat (*rolls eyes*).

The first program I can think of that causes problems is XFire. If you are running that program while running FFXI, that's your problem.

FFXI will also crash if you try to alt-tab out of the program.

Make sure that you terminate all background processes (instant messengers, spyware checkers, browsers, everything ...), then try to run FFXI again. See if this makes any difference.

ok thanks I will try that by the way I dont have Xfire so it might be other things that you listed if this doesnt work I will Post again ok thanks a lot

Still froze after all of that. I realize that after it freezes I restart my comp put it in Safe Mode and run lavasoft and spybot. The spybot comes up with nothing, But the Lavasoft comes up with 5 MRU List things all the time it says that they are negotiable Items. This is what they are:
obj[0]=MRU RegReference : software\microsoft\direct3d\mostrecentapplication name
obj[1]=MRU RegReference : software\microsoft\direct3d\mostrecentapplication name
obj[2]=MRU RegReference : software\microsoft\directdraw\mostrecentapplication name
obj[3]=MRU RegReference : S-1-5-21-939620716-3405039426-2564294346-1003\software\microsoft\directinput\mostrecentapplication name
obj[4]=MRU RegReference : S-1-5-21-939620716-3405039426-2564294346-1003\software\microsoft\directinput\mostrecentapplication id

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