Hi everyone, I would like to request assistance if ANYONE can help me.
Recently, my grandpa passed away. I had taken a picture of him and my father before his death and had kept putting it off to save it to an external drive to show my father.
About 3 or 4 days ago my computer started acting up and wouldn't let me progress any further than the desktop (it would work for awhile but very slowly, then eventually freeze).
I tried backing up the files on a dvd and cds in safe mode but neither would work, so I finally had to reformat and my computer, leaving the picture of my grandpa and my dad behind...

So my question is, is there ANY way possible to get this picture back?
The picture was also on my sandisk card but was recently deleted, is there any way possible to get it back from the sandisk card?

Thank you so much! I really could use some help right now.

Sincerely, Janssen Dunn.

Michael, what exactly would I do from there? I've tried looking in the sandisk card with no luck, am I doing something wrong?

normally, a hard drive or flash drive would have data on it, even when reformatted!!! Unless you physically damaged the drive, you should be able (for a lot of money) get it back, just like a law enforcement agency would. Only problem, i can't find any services that do it yet.

The software I posted above will get those files back, its not the best in the world.

It comes with a good manual to help him retrieve his data.

The software I use costs £2000, and can retrieve anything that's not been overwritten too many times, but the free option will get what he need.