please help
i have an hp a340n the os it came with is xp a friend recomended installing win2k prof. so i did a clean install.i cant use my dvd player now.i downloaded the chipset drivers to get the sound and cd player going. the device mngr says that everything is working properly..the dvd drive will play cd's mpeg etc..i installed windvd it keeps saying "please insert a dvd". i discovered that if i go to the start menu...settings...ctrl pnl... admin tools...comp storage...psyical locations i have two devices w/ a red circle w/ an x thru it...SPACE DVD-ROM KR-50A SCSI cdrom device and Generic USB SD Reader USB Device .
thanx for any help
ps the comp is less than a month lod

I don't know the answer ,but i have a ? ,how about that friend ,did he offer any help with you problem .

he keeps telling me that he has to take a look at it...but who knows how long that will be!!??

personally you would have been better off with XP home

if the computer was only a month old the XP would have really been the way to go

im not sure why your gettin a SCSI device and aUSB device.

have you tried windows update?

I have tried all the windows updates that i could find....i wish i did stay w/winxp

as long as you have your restore disk, or the restore hd if its there and still intact you should be able to restore your computer

heres the good part...the comp came w/ no back up discs they expect you to make your own....does anything in the above posts make sense to anyone. i just want to get everything working. i have tried to do a search for the space dvd thing and come back w/nothing

anyone hve any other ideas? this is driving me nuts!!!!!!!!

if your still under their customer support id suggest calling them >.> because this baffles me