Hi, I recently put in a new motherboard into my second computer because the other one broke. Everything loads of fine and works, im using a Windows 98 boot disk right now. The only odd thing is that when booting up it cound NV RAM to 1300000 when I really have a 256 and a 128 block of SD RAM in the computer. I have no clue what NV RAM is I thought it was SD RAM and DDR. Anyways here is the problem, the HD im trying to install Windows on is formated and everything so when I goto boot from my CD-ROM it start the installation process execpt about 1 1/2 minutes into the setup it comes up with an error saying 'setupdd.sys cannon be loaded.' It not my version of Windows either because I cant install Windows 95, 98 , XP PRO, XP HOME. The weirdest thing is that every version of Windows looks identical for the first minute and a half of the installation. If someone knows what to do or how to fix this please message me before I throw my computer out the window.

Hey hey,
Nv ram is non-volitile ram, its basicaly a new type of cmos, which stores all of the hardware config, that you set in the bios. to clear nv ram is a pain in the ass! i have found that you have to go into the bios turn on all the locks caps num and scroll and then press alt and E. however your board may have a set way of clearing this so you'll have to get the manual. but anyway, this may have somthing to do with windows not loading up/installing, maybe! so try and get it cleared and it may solve the prob