Hi All
How to enable the 'recent' command in XP.

In some system, when I type 'recent' in the run, it displays a window with all recent documents shortcuts.

I some system its working and in some system it is not working.
The error thrown states

"Windows cannot find 'recent'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.To search for the file, click Start button and then click search"

I guess, this may be due to the windows version (like sp1, sp2...). I dont know exactly. But i eager to know the reason for the same.

Do we need to enable any options or something like that......

Type this
c:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Recent

the mine is
c:\Documents and Settings\FlamingClaw\Recent

the 'Recent' is a directory.

Thanks Flaming

Do i need to type every time the whole phrase....or do i have any settings to set the value.....and just type "recent"

I'm using winows xp with Sp3,and when I type the 'recent' in the run's window then this dir is opening....

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Type these chars into the run's window
This is works.