Dell dimension XP pro. Yrs ago on another computer and op.sys and ISP (peoplepc) I had apparently registered for outlook express. I moved some of my stuff to my new pc when I got it. That event haunts me today on my dell dimension XP and I can't get rid of being asked to enter usr/PW for Peoplepc before I can use outlook. Does anyone know how I can get rid of this curse on my present computer. Id be grateful. Hope someone can help.

Outlook Express is a windows based email client and gets shipped with any windows os. It has nothing to do with your ISP.

What I THINK may be the problem here, is that you signed up for an email account at your previous ISP, and you imported that email account settings into your outlook express. I t may be that your previous ISP discontinued that email account of yours, thats why outlook express keeps on asking you to login.

If you do not need that email account from your previous ISP, just delete it in outlook express, and that should solve the nasty popup to login.

nothing presents that is deletable, eraseable or anything. It was thru highstream/peoplepc on a previous computer. When I moved everything from old to new that stuff moved too. Now the outlook exp. on new pc is unusable it seems to me. but I'm kinda pc clutzy and don't really know how to do some things. I don't HAVE to have it but would like it to be useable should I want to.

Hello, pete, I tend to agree with Kraai. In OE go Tools, Accounts, lclick the old account if it is there and Remove it. Then get email details from your new ISP [I'm thinking POP3 and SMTP URLS, whether authentication is necessary...], CLick Add button and use those details to create a new account. And that should pull emails from your ISP email account.

Well thanks guys. After much thrashing about I was able to do what you both recommended. I found the place to get rid of those old accounts. Great, thanks. Now I have to figure how to set up OE and import my addressbook from my netzero DSL account. Iv seen hints of it in my thrashing so mite be able to pull it off by myself. For now prob. solved.

I have relegated OE to the junk pile. dont want it wont use it. use my netzero email just fine. besides, net zero cant export emails to OE and thats ok by me. so OE just sits there gathering dust.