Hi, Can I make a repair windows with any windows xp cd? in my case i want to repair a machine that is running windows xp media center but i have a windows xp professional is there any issue with that?

yea you would run into a issuse because the serial key would be diffrent it might as you to validate your install and you would have to put in the windows media center cd key but if you have that key then no problems at all

ok i have the media center key, so I won't have any problem. thanks for your quick reply.

Media Center 11 or 12 is on a separate CD.

11 or 12? well here says media center edition 2005.

You must have the correct cd or a repair wont work. Different versions of windows use different files and file structures.

Interesting, now i have two different feedback, HITMANOF44th and rik from rce. I am agree with rik but i was not 100% sure.
anyway if someone else have something to say i really appreciate it.


thats not true i have repaired winxp home with windows winxp pro
and vise versa i have also had a windows media pc and ran the repaird with a windows xp pro cd you not the first repaird options i'm talking about the second when when you picked that you want to install windows then it looks for which windows you have installed then askes you if you want a clean copy or to repair if you pick repair it deletes all of the windows core files then reinstalls them from the cd the only issuse you usally run into is that when windows starts back up again it askes you for a cd key because you were running a diffrent version

Open windows Media player > Tools > Download > Supported Devices and drivers.

Ok, guys thanks for your help, I did a fresh install, thanks again.