I recently purchased a new computer with Vista, it has been working very well until... I start up one day and menus / start button don't stay up! It's like the 2nd click doesn't work. If I click once then hit ENTER it will open a link but for drop down menus I have to click once to highlight it and then scroll down with the key pad. Crazy and strange! I know very little about hardware but am hoping a geek can help this Kiwi boy!

HHHEEEEELLLLLLLLPPPPP Please! Pulling my hair out down here!
Thanks in advance!

Make sure you're setup for double-click first. Open up My Computer, hit alt-f, and select Tools>Folder Options. At the bottom of the General Tab, select the Double-click to open an item button and click OK. If that doesn't do it it might be malware. Download and run Malwarebytes Antimalware from malwarebytes.com.

Thanks for your input HoustonIT. I did as you suggested but alas, to no avail. I have new anti virus software which found nothing after a full scan but downloaded your suggestion anyway..and did a full scan again- still found nothing!

After much searching all over the place I found quite a few mentions of the mouse as being the problem...although i KNEW it couldn't be my problem, as it had been working great for 2 or 3 weeks and this is a brand new pc! But after pulling more hair out (and there's bugger all left now!) I plugged in a new mouse and HEY PRESTO, problem solved! Not sure how that works but hey, I'm a happy camper again!

Thanks again for your input! And merry Christmas from downunder in NZ :-)