Does anyone out there know how to stop user accounts from loading offensive material onto the desktop background? I have looked ing the registry and found some HKEY listings for user account and desktop but I have got no idea what I'm looking at really,or the values that may need to be entered.I just wish to set the desktop background as a scene in a rainforest or something and leave it at that.
Thank you

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Thanks jbennet,your on the money with the interpretation of my question and it is XP Pro svcpk3.Your answer is in the ball park,were getting close, but I could not find anything in reference to the desktop.I found a register to lock the theme(for admin and user,and it set the style) but that's it,it still allowed the desktop background to be changed.I searched all the other folders as well but nothing,well nothing with the word background in it though.Any more suggestions??
Thankyou very Much

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